In addition to the training rates, you must also pay for hay and any feed that you would like your horse to be given.  We do not charge extra for boarding.  Horses are kept outdoors 24/7 with access to lean-tos and a barn.  If you would like special arrangements made for your horses please include that information in your contact email.

* - Some examples of the things that we desensitize to:  tarps, plastic bags (grocery bags and large garbage bags), teeter totter, walking over and under tree branches, cars, walking on the road, dragging plastic and metal pipes next to them, fan with a plastic bag attached, gunfire (we start with a cap gun and work up to louder guns), chainsaw, umbrella, hula hoops, and much more.  We are open to desensitizing horses to anything you would like us to, just ask!

Ground Work - For horses of all ages including babies. This includes Clinton Anderson method Fundamentals ground work (yielding fore and hindquarters, backing up, flexing, sending exercise, lunging for respect, etc) plus desensitization to many "scary" objects.  You can see some examples in our videos.

* Starting Under Saddle - You must provide proper fitting tack that you would like your horse started in.  I do not personally own a saddle, I start all of my personal horses bareback in a halter and lead rope.  I do own a snaffle bit and bridle if you would rather your horse be started in a bit.  The horse must first go through our ground work (included in the price) for 30 days before being ridden.  The horse must be at least 2 years old and physically mature to ride.  I will not ride a 2 year old that still physically looks like a yearling.  

*Online Consultations - You can send me a video of you working with your horse and I will review it and then provide you with step by step instructions how to solve the problem you are having.  Alternatively, I can provide you with a video of me working with one of my own horses and give you step by step instructions on what it is you'd like to learn.